Professional Services for Authors

Elevate Your Work

If you are working on a book, or have completed a manuscript, your work can benefit from professional advice and editing. Even the top authors (or their publishers) hire professionals to help work out the kinks, buff and polish the writing, and help prepare the manuscript for the next step.  Don't shortchange your work. Elevate your work. Consider coaching and editing from AuthorScope.

Thinking About Self-Publishing?

Consider AuthorScope as a partner in helping make your self-published book the masterpiece it deserves to be, and your marketing efforts highly successful. Today we offer author coaching and editing services, but over the next several months we will be launching a suite of professional author services that provide virtually everything you will need to write, refine, publicize and market your book. Keep checking back!

Edward A. PriceThe Divine Curriculum

AuthorScope treated me like a member of the family. Editing services were extremely helpful and the final product was much improved. All business dealings were exactly as you would want them to be. I learned a lot about the publishing industry through my discussions with AuthorScope. Through the entire process, I knew I was in the good hands of people who really care about authors. They 'get it'.

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