Why Authors MUST Market Themselves

More and more of your fellow humans want to become authors. A very low percentage of us get to the point of publishing books, many by self-publishing. Amazingly, 50,ooo new books are published every month. If you’re one of those lucky writers, how are you going to get recognized in this overpopulated market?

What most published authors have learned, and AuthorScope has confirmed, is that most books won’t sell without wide visibility and discoverability. And beyond that, you have to be KNOWN first before you can expect to sell any books to readers other than your friends and family. How do you manage this kind of recognition economically?

A survey we implemented last year showed that name recognition is critical. Readers no longer trust free books or books sold cheaply. They want to know what they’re getting—preferably a book by an author with whom they’re familiar, and by an author who has committed to being know by the public.

To sell even a few copies, new authors need massive numbers of people to be aware of them on social media. Our AuthorScope Twitter Ad Network can expose you to over 1,150,000 readers virtually overnight for minimal cost. If you’re serious about becoming widely known and selling books, consider using this service.

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