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Make Sure Your Book Is Eligible

The AuthorScope Twitter Network works best for general audience books including most fiction genres and nonfiction topics. We do not promote children’s books, erotica, technical books, textbooks, books containing discriminatory or hate messages, or books aimed at a narrow or specialized audience or interest.

We will reject Tweets that contain images displaying graphically sexual or violent content or profane or obscene language. If Tweets for such books are submitted to AuthorScope, we will reject them and return your payment. AuthorScope reserves the right to reject any Tweet for any reason.

If you have questions about your book, contact us at advertising@authorscope.org.


If You Are Tweeting An Image...

Upload your image in the form below. It must be a JPG. We recommend a picture width of no more than 525 pixels. Larger images will be accepted but will take longer to download on mobile devices and may not display at all depending on the user's connection to the Internet.

Don't automatically assume that a larger image gets you more attention and better results. In some tests we have had better results with smaller images. You may want to test two campaigns with different size images to see which delivers better results.


Guaranteed Clicks

We guarantee the following minimum number of clicks (you may receive more). If your click volume is less than the guarantee, reply to your confirmation email with an explanation and we will Tweet your ad until you receive the guaranteed number of clicks.

  • LOW INTENSITY    1,000 clicks per week
  • MEDIUM INTENSITY    2,000 clicks per week
  • HIGH INTENSITY    500 clicks per DAY

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