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The Midwest Writers Conference

AuthorScope: Helping writers publish.

Fall 2021 in Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, USA.

The Midwest Writers Conference is all about helping writers publish their books. Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way, this conference is for you.

Join us for three days of informative and inspirational programming in a friendly and supportive setting. This unique conference is a great way to spend a weekend exploring the craft and business of writing with a diverse group of writers, editors, and publishers.

5 reasons to attend The Midwest Writers Conference:

  • get away from distractions and focus on your writing
  • network with other writers and become part of a literary community
  • get writing craft and technique tips from experienced authors and editors
  • explore all the paths and options for publishing your book
  • come away energized, inspired, and on your way to publication

Make new friends and re-connect with old ones at this year’s The Midwest Writers Conference in Minneapolis!