AuthorScope Twitter Ad Network

A Twitter Network for Authors

After three years of building a Twitter network for book and author promotion, we are pleased to finally announce that the AuthorScope Twitter Network is open to the public. For a long time we have been curating followers, promoting a selected assortment of high-quality books, testing and measuring effectiveness of the network, and building infrastructure.

Why Twitter?

Twitter has been called the world’s largest book club because of its popularity with readers and authors. For readers, it is easy to connect with authors and book sites for news of discounted books, new releases, and giveaways. Because so many readers are actively looking for books on Twitter, it is the ideal social medium for book marketing.


TWITTER SECRETS FOR AUTHORS is a free help document you can download right here. This PDF doc will:

  • Explain how Twitter works and how to get thousands of followers to see your Tweets.
  • The biggest secret to Tweeting effectively.
  • How to create better Tweets.
  • A simple way to create images for your Tweets.
  • How the AuthorScope Twitter Ad Network works.


to see an array of books AuthorScope has promoted

The fast-growing AuthorScope Twitter Network is comprised of 16 Twitter accounts with a combined 1,150,000+ followers. For years we have recruited only those followers who deliver high value to book marketers. Most of our followers meet rigid quality guidelines. 

The vast majority of followers are:

  • A real person, not a fake account
  • Active on Twitter
  • A book reader
  • Not a spammer
  • Fluent in English
  • Served online by Amazon

Virtually no fake followers

With the proliferation of fake Twitter accounts, many people have asked about the integrity of our followers. To monitor this issue for our Network, we have used, a third-party resource that specializes in checking Twitter accounts for fake followers. The AuthorScope network has an average Audit score of 99%! Here are the detailed results:

Millions of ad impressions

The AuthorScope Twitter Network has a large built-in audience. While the total follower base is over 1,150,000 readers and authors, Network ads recently generated 8.8 million impressions in just 28 days.


We will convert your link to a smartURL, which is a unique shortened link that provides two important benefits:

    • If your link goes to an Amazon book page, we will program the smartURL to redirect the user to a specific Amazon store detected by the user's location in 13 different countries. For example, if the user is in the UK, clicking the smartURL will deliver the user to the Amazon book page at Over 30% of our followers are overseas.
    • Your smartURL also provides third-party, objective click statistics whenever you want. Just enter your smartURL into the address bar of your browser, add a PLUS sign (+), and hit ENTER. Your stats will appear.


to see an array of books AuthorScope has promoted

Yes, we guarantee that you will receive a minimum number of clicks to your landing page based on the advertising program that you purchase. Clicks are counted and reported by SMARTURL, an independent third party. You will receive instructions on how to view your clicks by email after you purchase an advertising program below.

We guarantee the following minimum number of clicks (you may receive more):

  • LOW INTENSITY   1,000 clicks per week
  • MEDIUM INTENSITY    2,000 clicks per week
  • HIGH INTENSITY    500 clicks per day


to see an array of books AuthorScope has promoted

In short, no, we cannot guarantee sales. Any ad channel that says it can is misleading you. The job of an advertising channel is to present your book to as many qualified potential buyers as possible. AuthorScope does this. The success of “selling” the book once it is presented depends upon the quality and effectiveness of many other factors that AuthorScope has no control over, such as the:

  • ​Author's name recognition and reputation
  • Effectiveness of the Tweet (many marketers test various messages to find the best one)
  • Book title
  • Book cover
  • Book description
  • Book price
  • Ability of the book landing page ability to convert browsers to buyers
  • Availability and quality of sample pages
  • Author’s name recognition and reputation
  • Number of competitors and sales in the genre or topic
  • Competitors’ current promotions
  • Other current supporting promotions of your book


Authors have found a number of reasons to advertise on the AuthorScope Twitter Network. Here are a few:

  • Generate book visibility and sales
  • Announce book price reductions or free books
  • Promote a book tour, blog tour or speaking tour
  • Build traffic for a blogsite or post
  • Generate author name recognition
  • Amplify results of PR activities

Other companies and individuals have found a number of reasons to advertise on the AuthorScope Twitter Network. Here are a few ideas:

  • Market book printing services
  • Announce author events
  • Promote book fairs, festivals, and conferences
  • Solicit submissions to publishers
  • Amplify results of PR activities
  • Build audiences for broadcast or streaming book shows


to see an array of books AuthorScope has promoted

The Key to Twitter Marketing

Because Twitter was designed to be a real-time news engine, users only see Tweets that are posted by other people while the user is viewing Twitter (plus Tweets sent up to 20 minutes earlier). If you Tweet a message to 1,000 followers, only about 1-2% of those followers—approximately 10-20 people—will see that specific Tweet.

If you want your Tweet to be seen by ALL your followers, you would need to Tweet that same message at least 50 times at different times and on different days of the week.

Book your Tweets

AuthorScope ad schedules make it easy for you to choose your Tweet frequency (how many times per day you want your message Tweeted) and the number of days or weeks you want those Tweets to be posted. The cost of an ad campaign depends on those variables.